VMax Fitness Machines – The Trio, The Duo and The Portable

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VMax Fitness makes some of the very best vibration machine models that are available in the market.


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The VMax Fitness Trio machine is one of the best tri-planar vibration machines around. A tri-planar vibration machine, as expected from the name, produces vibration in three directions – up-and-down, left-and-right and front-and-back. As a result, the exercise they provide to the body is magnum. In fact, these are really suitable for body-builders.

And since not everyone on Earth is a body-builder (in fact, most people are looking for health maintenance exercises, in our experience), the other alternative from VMax is the Duo machine. A VMax Fitness Duo will trim down the exercise intensity and will work well for those seeking health maintenance, bone and joint improvements and lymph drainage, without providing heavy-duty exercises that are suitable for body-builders.

The Trio model will provide exercises and muscle movements in every direction. You can have a single mode and a dual mode operation in these machines. The moment you change from one mode to the other, you will observe a significant difference. The dual motor will ensure spiral vibration and oscillation vibration, both are at their peak. The plate is 27 inches and the frequency ranges are an incredible 5 Hz to 60 Hz – something that is rarely matched across brands and models of whole body vibration machines. The machines have an incredible 60 adjustable speeds over 3,700 speed-vibration combinations. The power for the Trio is extraordinary – it can lift a few less than 450-odd pounds easily, and as per the tests of one of our business associates, with 300 pounds and 10 minutes of test run, the motor didn’t even get warm. The oscillation motor is 500 watts and the spiral motor is 300 watts.


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The same 60-speed 3,700-combination design applies for a VMax Fitness Duo model also. The motors are less powerful here, and almost everything else (except the power delivery and frequency ranges) are the same with a Duo as found in a Trio. The Trio has an oscillation motor of 500 watts, while this motor is 300 watts for a duo. The spiral motor, which is 300 watts in a Trio, is 200 watts in a Duo. So instead of 450-odd pounds, our business associate found this to work for people up to 250+ pounds, and we feel comfortable recommending the Duo to people up to 200 pounds looking for exercise levels similar to Trio.

Both the VMax Duo and Trio models have steel bases, although the Duo is slightly lower than a Trio. The machines are characterized by vertical support tubes and 3 inbuilt training programs, apart from the expected computer interfaces for creating and running your custom requirement based exercise routines.


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Apart from the VMax Fitness Trio and Duo, the other popular models are their portable Q5 and Q7. The VMax Q7 models can also produce tri-planar movements in the dual mode, and pivotal (up-down) movement in the spiral vibration mode. The power, however, will be lesser. In case of Q5, the power will come down by another 300-odd watts from the Duo, but otherwise have the same motor. The vertical pillar is missing with this model. Again, just like the Q7, this is also meant for lighter people. If you are lighter than 160 pounds or so and use Q5/Q7, then you will not practically notice any difference in vibration quality with the VMax Duo. The base of these machines are around 25 inches, but the shapes are different.


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At KnockYourLife, we believe VMax Fitness to be one of the brands that you would want to look at.  We strongly recommend that you take our online quiz here, before you get your model, if you choose to go for a VMax vibration machine or are wondering whether they will work for you.

We will be able to provide you with help and guidance, at no cost, to figure out whether these machines are suitable for your needs (and they may or may not be), and also suggest you with alternatives just in case we believe, hearing your conditions, that something may work better for you. Plus, we may be able to offer you the VMax Fitness machines at the best prices around while retaining original warranties.


VMax Trio: $2,195

VMax Duo: $1,799

Q7: $1,649

Q5: $1,499

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