Whole Body Vibration Machines – How To Identify The Best Power Vibration Plate Machines

Vibration plates provide the underlying driving power to the whole body vibration machines. A high-quality WBV machine cannot be designed without incorporating the very best of vibration plate technologies. Also, for the best translation of the benefits of vibration plates to your body, it is important that you choose the very best machine.

But before you decide to spend a heap of money on it, take a deep breath here. There are multiple fundamental technologies that drive these plates. Two of these technologies are prominent, and they are great by their own rights. But what is important for you is that these technologies are meant for a mutually exclusive set of people.

That means, exactly one of the two types of vibration plate machines will be suitable for you. And the other one won’t be.

So it is important for you to understand right away what is right for you. Before that, we shall explain how a vibration plate machine helps your body exercise more easily compared to taking regular exercises. As you understand that, we shall also help you understand how these two technologies are different and why you should care about this difference. A vibrating plate vibrating in an undesirable way can be dangerous for the body and you would want to understand that right at the onset before you make serious mistakes and cause more damage than good.

What are the vibration plate technologies?

There are two primary technologies that are prevalent in the vibration plate industry. And each of the two is there for a reason – each has its own kind of target audience for helping exercise. So now let’s get into the two plate technologies that power the WBV machine industry.

The first one is known as the pivotal vibration machine technology. Whole body vibration plate machines using this as the driving technology would have the floor (base) of the machine enabled with a pivotal system. On receiving electrical power, the plates will start the vibration in a vertical direction in these machines. So essentially the body will move up and down but not sideways with a good quality pivotal machine.

The other one is known as the linear vibration machine technology. In this case, the flow (base) of the WBV machines are equipped to move both horizontally and vertically while maintaining the vibration frequency. So when someone decides to exercise using these machines, they would receive both lateral and vertical movement.

Please note that in each case, the frequency of the vibration of the plates can be set to the value that you desire. The typical values that most people feel comfortable on are within the ranges of 25 Hz to 50 Hz. Setting the vibration rate is as easy as pressing a button, and with a good-quality machine you would expect the actual vibration of the machine to match with the requirement set. The difference between these two technologies is not in the vibration rate but in the direction of the plate movement causing the vibration.

How does the difference among these WBV machines impact the human body?

Before you understand the difference of the impact of these two types of machines on our bodies, it is important to understand the methods that these work on our bodies. The fundamental idea driving the vibration plate exercise model is exercising the muscle by providing external automated acceleration.

Once you stand on the machine and the machine vibrates, what happens is that it changes directions rapidly – at least twice the number of Hz per second. In other words, if your machine has been set to say 30 Hz, you experience at least 30 X 2 = 60 direction changes per second. Each change of direction involves a set of acceleration/deceleration. And as this acceleration happens, the muscles within our body naturally try to adjust to it. The high vibration rate in this case leads to significant exercise of the muscles, thus leading to the impacts.

So if you realize, this fast acceleration is happening to your entire body and not just some parts of your body (such as muscle). Clearly, that’s the reason these machines are called whole body vibration. You need to understand now the nature of vibration that your body needs to have the maximal benefits.

Look at your objective and your current state of health. Are you a body-builder? Are you an aged person or a person with a relatively weaker physical structure? Do you have bone joint injuries or history of serious accidents? Are you pregnant? Do you have serious eye damage or brain injury issues in the past? These are among the main questions that you would want to ask yourself about your health. And if you are not sure about something, consider talking to your health care provider to clarify.

In case you are a body builder with regular stamina or someone who is in their health prime with lots of energy, you would want a complete vibration of your whole body in all the directions to get the most power possible out of the system. So think about going for the linear vibration machines.

However, if you have been somewhat unfortunate with your health then your joints, other parts of body that have been injured in the past or your overall body framework may find it difficult to take the horizontal movement. The vertical movements would be relatively easier to take. So in that case go for a vibration plate machine driven by the pivotal technology.

And in other situations such as pregnancy, severe old injuries, serious eye issues and the likes, you may want to seriously consider avoiding the machine. For instance, if you are pregnant, you will make a great choice by opting out of vibration plate based exercises to protect your foetus from any damage. Or say if you have had retinal detachment at any stage of your life, you would want to check with your doctor before you go for your pivotal vibration plate machine – it may in fact be safe to avoid vibration plate exercises altogether in such conditions unless your doctor explicitly approves it.

So, what’s the right choice?

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Having read through the details, you would now better understand and appreciate what makes a vibration plate machine suitable. There are a number of companies selling the WBV machines both online and off the Internet. You would want to buy yours such that you get a good brand as your manufacturer who won’t over-charge you, but would give you a power vibration plate machine with the desirable features at a reasonable price.

Also keep in mind that spending thousands of dollars does not guarantee the best machine. These plate machines are sold at too wide a price-range – right from about $300 up to $18,000-odd. Don’t try to compare for prices. For a reasonable mode with the right technology providing you the real benefits, be prepared to invest around $1,000-4,000 (depending upo your nature of usage, which will be clear once you call us and we ask you a few questions). And choose a brand that will honor its warranty rather than choosing a fly-by-night vibration plate machine local store with dubious quality standards (unless you know exactly why you are buying from such a store).

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