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Vibra Trim is one of the best vibration machine manufacturers around. A brand that uses only DC motors and only brushless motors. So as you would expect, these motors are arguably the smoothest around across all the brands and models. And another point to note is that the machines are oscillation based pivotal ones. As a result, while these are not the best commercial WBV machine models in the market, but you would hardly find a machine that can be better than a Vibra Trim if you are considering for residential use and health maintenance.


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Before anything else, the VT-400 model from Vibra Trim had won the 2011 Editors’ Choice Award from Review Board, which is one of the very few nationally recognized independent review bodies.

As it happens, there are three core models in the Vibra Trim series, and they have been extended to their current forms from what they originally were. Currently, the VT-100, VT-202 and VT-400 models are available with the company. While the others are also really good, VT-400 is the one that stands out.

VT-400 is capable of producing a force of up to 7G at its peak, which is significant enough for any domestic use. The base is extremely robust, and holds robust at the highest frequencies. With a maximum of 350 pound weight limit, there have been tests of up to 225 pounds that we are aware of. And with the 225-pound weights, the machine was perfectly stable with the user taking exercises while in the full throttle pivotal vibration mode. This goes on to show the efficiency of the VT-400 model. Also, in addition, the machine remains as quiet (silent) and stable as one can imagine. This is in contradiction to most of the pivotal vibration machines in this segment.

This, in a way, is an indication that unless you are a heavy exercise taker or a body builder, you would want to consider this machine model with utmost seriousness.

The VT-400 Vibra Trim machines are simply great an producing lymph drainage. 10 minutes on this machine will give you more than enough exercise, thanks to the wonderful engineering. As it happens, taking around 10-15 minutes of exercise on these VT-400 Vibra Trim machines 2-3 times per week will probably be enough for you, as it is for most people.

Another point to note that pivotal vibration is great for people who have weak knees, back pains or bad back problems, and bone density less than normal. These people should not be physically exposed to the stronger linear vibration, as that could be potentially dangerous for their health. So experts, including chiropractors, recommend pivotal vibration for such people. And Vibra Trim machines are arguably the best in the lot for pivotal vibration.

The machine has a 2 HP motor, and can produce as high as 10 mm oscillating and 2 mm orbital vibration amplitude. In a dual mode, the vibration amplitude can range as much as 1-10 mm. At a vibration plate size of 20X27 inches, and a frequency that ranges right from 5 Hz to 50 Hz across the multiple modes (and which one among the two motors of the machine are switched on), and a machine weight of around 125 pounds, VT-400 is one of the best whole body vibration machines that household exercise takers today can possibly come across.


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VT-400: $1,995

VT-202: $1,099

VT-100: $1,299

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