VibaCore – A New Brand That Has Been Proving To Be Great

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VibaCore is one of the more recent vibration machines to have entered the market. As one can expect of a relatively new entrant that produces quality, the factory where machines are produced, are equipped with the most recent state-of-the-art artifacts. As a result, these machines have some of the most advanced capabilities that the modern-day vibration machines are expected to have – but at significantly low costs for what it has to offer.


As far as the vibration technology is concerned, VibaCore produces all of pivotal, linear and tri-planar WBV machines. The entry model, VC-1000, includes both pivotal and tri-planar vibration, in two different modes. The oscillating vibration is powered by a 500W motor and the rotational vibration is powered by a 200W motor. 8 preset programs are available, and one can add their programs to the machines. The platform is 27.2 inches and 19.7 inches, which makes it larger than most other machines in its category. With a weight of 99 pounds, and a maximum user weight specification of 265 pounds, the VC-1000 WBV will actually give you a feel of commercial-power machines. That is because of the 500 watt motor, which is almost impossible to find elsewhere at this price.


The two higher machines, VC-3000 and VC-5000 are two of the most powerful machines you will ever see in these market segments. What VibaCore ships for $4,000-$5,000 are easily comparable to the ones that are available in the market for $10,000-$14,000 in terms of performance, power, low-noise, features and ergonomics. These machines weight 210 and 307 pounds respectively, compared to most of the machines in the market that weight 80-180 pounds. They offer multi-mode pivotal, linear and tri-planar vibrations, offering the full spectrum of vibrations that are available across the entire market, across all brands and models.

The machines are extremely robust and stable, as their heavy weights practically root them when you exercise. As our business associate observed, people heavier than 200 pounds, adding two dumb bells of 50 pounds each (total weight becomes more than 300 pounds now), will simply not make the remotest difference to these machines. Even if you are over 400 pounds or plan to add weights while exercising on the machines to go beyond 400 pounds, the VC-5000 will quietly hold ground and keep performing equally well. The VC-3000 and VC-5000 models come with 7-year warranties, which are the best in the entire marketplace of whole body vibration machines.


In addition, the tri-planar vibrations provided by the VibaCore machines have a full built-in color monitor including a virtual personal trainer, which is the first machine/brand in the industry to have this feature. This asserts, as mentioned earlier, that the modern VibaCore brand has successfully leveraged the modern technology to offer some of the best of technology and features, thereby providing sufficient value for you to choose this brand with strong confidence.

The VibraCore brand is one of our strongest recommendations – at this price and the quality, there’s almost nothing better. But before you get your VibaCore (or any other vibration machine for that matter), take our online quiz here. Not all vibration machines are suitable for everyone no matter what they offer, depending upon the health conditions and a few other factors of the person. Taking the quiz will orient us to understand your requirements better, and help you choose your brand (which may or may not be VibaCore). Also, we will be able to offer you the machines at the best prices around while retaining the original manufacturer warranties, so you don’t pay anything extra but get helped by our experiences with a whole range of vibration machine brands.


VC-1000: $2,195

VC-3000: $3,995

VC-5000: $4,995

For questions or to buy, call: 1-877-695-8346

VibaCore comes with a industry-leading 5-year warranty.

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