Take The Vibration Machine Quiz Now And See Which One Is Right For You (Covers Top 12 Brands)

Understand and know well enough before you get your whole body vibration machine

It is important that you know what you are getting in the name of a “whole body vibration machine”, before you buy it. Here we present some of the machines that we love through our experience.

There are a great set of choices available – but please note that not all machines suit everyone. We suggest you take the free quiz below to identify the best brand for you.

DKN XG10 Pro DKN XG5 Pro VMax Trio

DKN XG10 Pro- Find more details DKN XG5 Pro- Find more details     VMax Trio- Find more details


VMax Duo VMax Q7 VMax Q5

VMax Duo- Find more details                VMax Q7- Find more details                  VMax Q5- Find more details


Vibra Trim 400      Vibra Trim 100 Vibacore 300

Vibra Trim 400- Find more details Vibra Trim 100- Find more details VibaCore 3000- Find more details

Vibacore 5000                 FBE EOS 6000                       FBE Wellness IV400

Vibacore 5000- Find more details    FBE EOS-6000- Find more details            FBE IV-400- Find more details

Lots of choices there – taking the quiz below will help you select the one that best suits you, from the 5 brands above, and 7 other top brand choices (that our team tested and found to be the best brands).

Take this quick and easy vibration machine quiz below – it is free, helpful and interesting. It will help you choose from the top 12 brands in the market.

1. How much do you weigh (Lbs)?
 Less than 130 130-180 180-300 300+

2. Do you weigh more than what you should (given your height, gender and other factors)?
 Yes, significantly overweight Somewhat overweight Just the right weight No, I am underweight

3. Do you suffer from back pains?
 Yes, often enough Yes, at times Yes, but rarely Practically never

4. Do you exercise often?
 Yes, 5-7 days a week Yes, 2-4 days a week No, 1 or less per week

5. Are your knees weak?
 Yes, very weak Yes, somewhat weak No, not really

6. Are your joints, bones and muscles sensitive to impact created by vertical movements?
 Yes, a lot Somewhat but not much Not at all

7. Will it help you to get a vibration machine that helps you build bone density?
 Yes, greatly so Yes, somewhat so No, my bone density is fine and I don’t need to build on it

8. Are you interested in WBV machine for lymph workouts (health) and detoxification?
 Yes, absolutely Somewhat - neutral Not really

9. Are you interested in WBV as a low-effort form of fat burning or cardio exercise?
 Yes, very much so Somewhat Not really

10. Does EMF or Radio Frequency (such as cell phones) trouble you?
 Yes, very much so – cannot bear cellphones Somewhat, not much No, not at all, so I don’t care for machines with EMF shield No idea

11. Why are you looking for vibration machines?
 Easy exercise for the whole body Fitness improvement Pain relief Detoxification Health reasons Commercial reasons

12. Have you used a WBV machine before?
 Yes, and I love the one that I use Yes, but I don’t like the one that I use Seen a couple but didn’t experience it Seen pictures on the web Just heard about them but haven’t seen them in any form ever

13. What are the price range that you are looking for?
 Less than $1,500, in spite of high EMF and plastic $1,500-$2,500, household machine $2,500-$4,000, basic commercial models $4,000 and above, heavy duty commercial models

14. Connecting - When do you want to get your own machine?
 Right now, I need it urgently Right now, if I find a great deal Once I get approved for financing Need to talk to you once and ask questions before buying I want to be a distributor, so need to find a good manufacturer

15. Size of your shoes?

16. Any brand that you prefer? Please mention preferred brand name if any, mention "no" or leave this box empty if you are not sure.

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Feel free to download the detailed PDF guide, after you complete taking the quiz.

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