Download the CWGLive PDF Report

Please fill in the form below to download the CWGLive PDF report (no cost). This report thoroughly covers all the aspects that you should not fail to know if you are planning to buy a whole body vibration machine, or use one elsewhere. Please note that KnockYourLife is a CWGLive group brand, so you will get the authentic CWGLive report completely free of cost here.

In the report, we cover the following.

  • How does a whole body vibration machine work?
  • What are the core technologies?
  • Characterizing vibration
  • Characterizing the vibration-producing motor
  • Benefits of using the machines
  • When to avoid using these machines?
  • The top brands that sell good vibration machines (without any quality compromise) but within reasonable prices (there are companies that bloat their prices like anything) – as we believe
  • A quick quiz on the right technology that will be suitable for you (this is super-important)




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