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FBE Wellness provides some of the best commercial and domestic use whole body vibration exercise machines.

IV400 Pro is one of the leading domestic use vibration machines around. These machines provide oscillation-based vibration, like a seesaw. The specified user capacity is 350 pounds at the peak. The machine can effortlessly handle 220-230 pounds even when the user is taking stress exercises while the machine vibrates. The seamless handling of these weights while on a heavy duty job pronounces the quality of the machines.


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With an amplitude of 1-10 mm and 1-25 Hz frequency, the machine is ideally suited for your health maintenance uses from a domestic usage perspective. In fact, IV400 Pro is one of the rare machines that can touch the lower spectrum of frequencies. The WBV model comes with 3 preset programs, and an additional time setting feature of these programs right from 1 minute to 60 minutes, so that you can automate the control of your exercise to the best that you can. With a 24-inch robust platform base, a heavy body weighing as high as ~170 pounds net and a LED display control dashboard, the IV400 Pro FBE Wellness machine is one of the best machines you will find for your domestic use, and health maintenance exercises. The cost is also manageable.


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On the other hand, the EOS 6000 FBE Wellness commercial model, priced astronomically high, is one of the dream vibration machines that a human can possess. This model will also provide oscillating vibration, but can reach much higher levels, thereby providing intense exercise. These machines are extremely well-suited for heavy duty use and serious muscle/body building. The frequency can go as high as 40 Hz while having the same 1-10 mm vibration amplitude range.

The machine has a load capacity of 450 pounds, and performs extraordinarily well at high loads at the highest frequency. It remains robust, stable, silent and effortless as ever as it picks up and reaches near its gigantic peak. At 160 pounds net weight, it is in fact lighter than its counterpart IV400 Pro. The power is 0.5 higher though, at a 1.5 HP.


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All in all, the FBE Wellness machine family is one of the most power-efficient machines around, both for the domestic and commercial use models. Also, these machines are great in producing a detoxification impact, as well as for lymph drainage. In addition, the brand claims to have a positive impact on improving serotonin levels, thereby producing a great mental health. Bone density, joint health, ligament maintenance and blood flow improvement are some of the added benefits of vibration machines, and FBE Wellness machines are developed to focus along these benefits.

In general, we recommend FBE Wellness machines, in case you area already thinking about one. But before you get your machine, you would want to invest 5-6 minutes taking the KnockYourLife online quiz for whole body vibration machines. It will help you get better oriented by asking the right questions.

We will be able to get you the machines at the best prices around while retaining the original manufacturer warranties; however, if your conditions do not seem to be what FBE Wellness machines are best suited for, then we shall be able to recommend you alternatives also (it fully depends upon your conditions and requirements). Taking the quiz first, before calling us, is a better option as that will help us have more input for you, so that we understand your requirements and conditions better.


IV-400 Pro: $3,900

EOS-6000: $14,000

For questions or to buy, call: 1-877-695-8346

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