DKN Pro Machines – Well-Suited For Heavy Exercise Takers

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DKN machines are excellent for heavy exercise takers.



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These machines have been around since the mid-1990s, and has proved to be among the best for providing heavy exercises over this long period of existence. Yes, this is a time-tested brand and one that we are comfortable recommending.

So, it does not come as a surprise that the DKN machines are so widely found in many gyms across the country. Both the fact that they have been around for long as well as that the exercise they provide can be heavy make them favorites in the eyes of body builders, gym instructors, casual exercise takers with an inclination towards the relatively heavier exercises and other vibration machine exercise takers.

They have multiple top-of-the-line heavy exercise machines. Their XG-3, XG-5 Pro and XG-10 Pro are absolutely great. One of our business associates has reported trying the XG01o Pro – a linear whole body vibration machine from DKN. He was extremely impressed with the machine. To test the prowess of the machine, he had held 75 pound dumb bells while on the machine in a fitness store. The machine was so powerful that there was no difference with and without those additional weights – it was simply seamless. He is a veteran in testing vibration machines, and has reported to be this among one of his top-3 machines ever.

The DKN machines have high G-force ranges, capping out practically at as high as 12G. The frequency amplitudes can reach nearly 4 mm. They have lower-end machines also.



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The DKN XG-10 Pro, in fact, comes with the highest features. This includes 12 preset programs, manual frequency settings over a wide frequency range, ergonomic handles, automated repeat management with full human control panel, and a durable cushion surface for enhanced stability and balance.

All the DKN Pro machines, namely the XG-3, XG-5 and XG-10, are among the best in their class. The sheer power, frequency and amplitude these machines produce are a joy for those looking for constructive exercises, and muscle building.

KnockYourLife wholeheartedly recommends DKN technologies. Before you get a DKN, take our online quiz here. We shall be able to help you for any question or uncertainty that you might have, including helping you understand whether a DKN WBV machine is at all suitable for you (it may be, or it may not be, depending upon your conditions).

We will also be able to offer you the machines at the best prices around while retaining the original manufacturer warranties. Also, in case we believe, from hearing your conditions, that something may work better for you than your original plans, or DKN would work better than something else, either way we will be able to suggest and help you with that.


DKN XG10 Pro: $3,995

DKN XG5 Pro: $3,495

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