Whole Body Vibration – The Concept of WBV Exercise Machines

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Understand and know before you get one

It is important that you know what you are getting in the name of a “whole body vibration machine”, before you buy it. Here are some of the machines that we love.


DKN XG10 Pro      DKN XG5 Pro          VMax Trio

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VMax Duo        VMax Q7  VMax Q5

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Vibra Trim 400          Vibra Trim 100     Vibacore 300

Vibra Trim 400- Find more details        Vibra Trim 100- Find more details          VibaCore 3000- Find more details

Vibacore 5000                      FBE EOS 6000           FBE Wellness IV400

Vibacore 5000- Find more details      FBE EOS-6000- Find more details       FBE IV-400- Find more details

Weight control and maintaining fitness are important for health. You have now arrived on this page while looking for a whole body vibration (WBV) machine – which shows that you have made a great start in carrying out your research for one of the most effective kinds of exercise machines that exist today. The full PDF report with a detailed analysis of technologies, features and models is available on this page: click here to download the report. We also offer a quick free quiz for you to assess your requirements at a first level here: click here for the quiz.

On the current page, we help you understand how a WBV machine can help your process of exercise including how it eases the process and makes your effort more result-oriented. We further help identify the right whole body vibration technology for you among the multiple technologies available – certain technologies are better suited for people having certain conditions. In the process, we explain how the power vibration plate machines work. And finally, we help you understand what to look for from the merchants of these vibration exercise machines.

So what is whole body vibration? And what are the WBV machines?

Whole body vibration is a modern concept aimed towards easing the process of taking exercises. This concept is used to produce machines that make the entire body vibrate and receive exercise in the process. Whole body vibration is also known as WBV in short.

So what is wrong with the traditional exercise systems and gym equipment? Absolutely nothing. They still remain as effective as they ever were. And they would remain that way in whatever of future can be foreseen as of now.

Why, then, use a WBV machine?

Before providing a direct answer, let’s imagine that you want to reach the next city. Anything wrong in riding a traditional horse that has been carrying people from place to place over centuries and millenniums? No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it. But would you really take a horse to travel to the next city? Probably no. You would probably prefer to use your car to reach your target faster and more smoothly rather than reaching the same target slowly using a traditional horse, and possibly with additional effort investment.

Exercising with a whole body vibration machine is similar to riding a car to reach your destination rather than riding a horse. You shall have a more efficient and effective path to your goal. The effort investment will also be lesser. This is because, the vibration plate (WBV) machines have been  designed for making your process of exercising much more effective than normal.

So in order to enjoy the benefits of this modern equipment, you would want to take your routine exercises while you stand on a running vibrating machine. And if you are not the type of person who enjoys exercises then you would want to stand on your WBV machine and simply reap the benefits that the power-driven plate vibration machine offers to your body by virtue of the vibration that it produces.

What are the benefits of a whole body vibration machine?

Using a whole body vibration plate machine can produce a number of benefits for your health. Given the fact that this is an exercising device and further the fact that whole body vibration is based upon the science of providing exercising to the body muscles by providing acceleration, exercising on these machines can translate to a number of health-benefits for a regular user.

Improving your fitness is the main objective of using these machines. The regular exercise will increase the flexibility of your muscles and will make your muscles stronger. The muscle tone is also expected to improve as you use these machines on a regular basis. The blood circulation receives a positive impact. This in turn provides better movement of desirable minerals towards your bones, supplying them with desirable nourishment.

Also, the regular exercise will help you lose weight, even if you exercise passively (that is, simply stand on these power vibrating plate machines but don’t take active exercises while standing upon them). Joint pain reduction is another major benefit, although it may not be advisable to exercise on a WBV machine if your doctor does not want you to. Decrease of cellulite and control of excess fat are some of the other primary benefits of these vibrating exercise machines.

In summary, the benefits of using vibration machines are the following.

  • Helps lose fat and start reducing weight with only 10-15 minutes of exercise per day.
  • Eliminates cellulite and helps you detoxify
  • Increases your muscle strength and bone density fast, and helps you combat osteoporosis
  • Improves your blood circulation and lymph conditions
  • Arrests and reduces (even eliminated) back pains and joint pains
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Improves your metabolism significantly, and lifts your energy levels higher up
  • Increases your body fitness and bodily co-ordinations
  • Improves your stress recovery process
  • Increases your serotonin, keeping you more cheerful

Clearly, the vibration machines have their own set of benefits.

How does a WBV machine help exercising?

The vibration plate machines help your body exercise by providing rapid movements. Once you set the machine at a frequency higher than the normal human body frequency – you set the machine to say 250-50 Hz – the machine floor starts to vibrate. It will make your muscles also vibrate along with it. As the vibration happens at say 50 Hz, the number of direction changes of the machine will be 50 x 2 = 100 times per second, which is significantly high.

This will provide acceleration to your body muscles. The muscles, by their natural propensity towards stability, will try to adjust by contracting and elastically expanding back. This will provide fine-grained high-resolution exercise to your muscles and your entire body.

What are the technologies?

There are two different technologies that drive the whole body vibration machine plate industry. One is the pivotal vibration machine and the other one is the linear vibration machine. A pivotal machine would do only vertical movement while a linear machine would do both horizontal as well as vertical movement.

If you are a body builder or a young person with a great body frame then the more powerful linear plate machine is likely to be a better choice for your requirements. These machines help the body perform more thorough exercises, but need a fit person to absorb the impact of the rigorous exercise that it provides.

On the other hand if you happen to be a relatively more aged person, a youth with a relatively fragile structure compared to the average person or someone with a history with injuries (even though healed) or joint pains, you would want to consider the pivotal exercise plate machine. This is because the body vibration that the pivotal machines provide is meant not to provide a horizontal vibration to the injuries or pained joints – this is achieved by the vertical machine floor plate movement.

Of late, tri-planar vibration machines have also emerged. This will move your body in all three directions – up-down, left-right and front-back. These are meant for the heaviest exercise-takers, such as sports-persons.

Choose depending upon your requirement – this is not one of those one-serves-all kinds of devices.

When to avoid the WBV machines?

There are certain conditions that you may want to completely avoid a whole body vibration machine, or may think about going to your doctor before you decide to start using. Pregnancy is one of the times when you certainly would not want to use the WBV technology. If you are injured (an injury that is yet to heal) then that is also a reason why you should not use this machine as of now. If you have been through a major physical injury, brain damage or eye issue in the past then make sure too that you do not forget to talk to your doctor before making any commitment.

How do I buy my machine?

To get your machine or to simply ask questions, call our toll-free number: 1-877-695-8346

You could fill in the contact form on our contact page, or take our quiz here, and also get in touch with us over the form or the quiz.

Using good-quality vibration machines for 10-15 minutes per day will get you results. It is important that you get a good-quality machine

  • The motor is extremely quiet, and gives out no humming noise
  • The body is made of solid steel (not plastic), and copes extremely well with the vibration
  • The machine produces vibration of excellent quality (amplitude and frequency) and is perfectly stable through the entire vibration range
  • The machines are compact, with a tiny footprint (24-30 inches base), so you can keep them practically anywhere
  • The motor is powerful, and offers all kinds of vibration machines including pivotal (up-down), linear (up-down and left-right) and triplanar (up-down, left-right and front-back) vibrations depending upon the variation of motor you choose
  • Simple controls over a high frequency range of 10-60 Hz
  • EMF effects are minimized, so you will not feel dizzy because of EMF
  • The machines are affordable at $995-$3995: machines with similar quality are often priced way higher at $5,000-15,000
  • And then, the machines come with unlimited manufacturer warranty for full 5 years from the date of purchase, including servicing right at your home (you don’t have to carry the machine around)

The basic though process is simple. You would want a machine from a good company rather than a local fly-by-night operator. This is to ensure you get services later in the machine’s life cycle, as well as to make sure that warranties are honored and duplicates are not shipped. And you would also want to buy directly from the manufacturer/dealer with the best prices and best warranties, because you would want the best price (no middleman involved) and the direct company dealings with the manufacturers backing up your vibration plate machines. This way, any spare parts or other service requests will also get done faster rather than waiting for a middleman (an intermediate dealer) to act with responsibility.

Low-quality machines can be dangerous. Check this clip from a live video session to see first-hand how horribly bad low-quality whole body vibration machines normally are. The one in the video is shaking, and unstable – the exercise provided by such machines is in fact harmful as the vibration produced by such machines will exert undesirable movements on the body.

The prices of the machines that we recommend range between $995-$3,995. These are the best prices from the leading manufacturers, sometimes with special deals going on. Call us at 1-877-695-8346, and we shall take you through 12 of the top brands which will help choose the best suitable vibration machine for you.

Reading the CWGLive PDF report (available here) will help you assess the overall scenario well.

Make sure to ask about the plate and body warranties, no matter where you buy from. A manufacturer warranty is the best option, although if there’s a dealer warranty on top of that then that does add icing to the cake. For many of the vibration machine brands, we may be able to help you get an extra year of warranty for no cost, from the manufacturer. For one of the brands, we can offer up to a 5-year manufacturer warranty, which is rarely found for body vibration machines. All of this is available with us for factory prices.

Call us toll-free call: 1-877-695-8346. Let us help you with all our experience, and get you the machine that suits you the best (we shall ask a few questions to identify this), within your budget, at factory prices (not a single extra dollar). Let our long experience and deep expertise, spanning across multiple brands in the industry, help you.

Better still, fill up our online quiz, and let us call you back after reading your data (as you will find in the quiz). It will assist us help you better. Click here for our free online quiz.

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