Benefits Of Using (Far) Infrared Saunas


Traditional steam saunas have existed since ages. Sauna baths can be traced back to the 8th century BC, which is 2,900 years back from today. And the saunas have continued to exist today. In form of an infrared sauna (mostly a far infrared sauna), the state of the art has improved beyond the basics by involving the modern technological advancements. The bottomline remains – saunas provide significant benefits for our health. And an infrared sauna provides benefits that are beyond what a standard steam sauna provides.

With any form of sauna, you would get the basic benefit of sweating and getting yourself cleased. This is why saunas have been treated as a lifestyle item for long. But after incorporating the infrared technology with this bathing system, the state of the art has reached a higher peak altogether. A modern infrared sauna is not just a lifestyle item, it is a great health booster as well. One would receive significant benefits from using them.

Almost like “proof in the pudding”, (a) doctors have started recommending high-quality far infrared saunas as part of their official recommendations for multiple health situations and (b) one can claim health insurance and IRS under certain circumstances for their far infrared saunas (refer here). So yes, it is official – high-quality far infrared saunas are great for health benefits. In the further discussion, we shall refer to “infrared sauna” and “far infrared sauna” as the same thing.

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Deep cleansing

Infrared rays penetrate deep and perform deep cleansing of the body. unlike steam that can go only till the skin pores, the infrared rays can go an inch-odd deep beneath the skin. This in turn cleanses the pores and other material deep inside.

Interestingly, the 9-12 micron wavelength band is what the human body can improve. The advanced carbon based saunas like the Carbon 360 saunas have a great match in this wavelength. This makes these infrared saunas among the ones with the best benefits. The following chart will help you understand how close a match these two are (look at how beautifully the two lines overlap).

 Infrared sauna benefits


The deep penetration of the infrared rays beyond the skin and pores helps the ingrained chemicals, assembled oil particles, sulfur, lead, mercury, inorganic acids, other inorganic metal dusts, undesirable bodily substances such as cholesterol and other toxic substances come out. The sweat brings out these harmful materials, thus freeing up our body from the grasp of these toxins. It is extremely important to note that the toxins often block the skin pores also. Skin is our second-biggest organ for excretion after the kidneys. Hence the removal of these blocking toxins will help the body self-detoxify significantly better in the longer run. This is a great benefit catered by using a good-quality infrared sauna.

Blood quality improvement

As the quality of detoxification improves right at the skin using the pores, the blood is no longer required to carry the toxic substances from the body to the kidneys. That not only in helps improving the health of the kidneys, but also makes a significant difference to the quality of the blood flowing in our body.

Skin health improvement

With the elimination of the toxins as well as the dirt and dust moving away with the sweat, the health of the skin improves significantly. The skin starts glowing because of its improved natural health. The additional pure blood supply (which is also a great benefit emerging from use of the far infrared technology) carries significant nutritions to the skin, improving its health and making it more way lively and glowing than what it would be without using the infrared sauna.

Improved metabolism

Quite understandably, the flow of purer blood in higher volumes leads the body to function better as an overall unit. An added advantage of this outcome is that the process of metabolism and its results improves significantly. The body thus improves a lot in terms of nutrition management and material storage. In fact, this controls the cholesterol and also leads to burn of the excess fat (adipose) leading to a better health.

Weight loss

The burn of excess fat and the better control in nutrition management leads to weight control. If you are over-weight then the body will be helped by the infrared sauna to get back to the normal weight because of this. It is true that you do lose some water weight, but many interpretations of infrared sauna weight loss fail to spot the benefit that this great technology brings into one’s life in terms of body weight management.

Heartbeat and blood pressure regulation (cardio-vascular health improvement)

Heart and blood pressure are two of the biggest enemies of human existence. A high-quality far infrared sauna will help you control your heart workout rate and the blood pressure also by improving the blood quality. Improved metabolism and enhanced oxygen supply over the purer blood is the driving reason behind this. The overall improvement in cardio-vascular health is expected to reduce your heart-related health risks (including heart attacks) and expected to improve your life span. Do talk to your doctor though in case you already have a heart-related issue before you buy your sauna.

Muscle tissue relaxation

Relaxing the muscle tissues up to 1-1.5 inches deep is another great advantage of using an infrared sauna. The far infrared rays penetrate deep and eliminate a lot of the toxins from deep inside. They also remove stillness from the muscles. The blood flow around the muscle is also improved (as discussed earlier) leading to an enhanced muscle nutrition. All of these together leads to the relaxation of muscle tissues.

Pain relief and injury healing

Exposure to the infrared sauna plays an incredible role in reducing joint pains and long-time pains on the bones. It may in fact have counter-effects to be in an infrared sauna within the first 2 days of an injury. But after that, they will help you quickly alleviate the pain caused by the injury. Long time joint pains such as knee joint issues have been seen to have great results with inrfared sauna usages. The infrared saunas are great for arthritis treatment.

Stress relief

The benefit of getting your muscles relaxed and your joint and other pains relieved is that the overall stress felt by your body reduces. The weight control achieved with the sauna also helps. The body feels lighter and more relieved. Infrared saunas have been proved to be great for stress relief and relaxation, time and again.

Other benefits of using infrared saunas

There are certain other health situations that can also receive a significant benefit from usage of infrared saunas. Conditions such as fibromyalgia and Lyme disease are some of the conditions in which a high-quality infrared sauna will make an amazing difference.

When to avoid infrared saunas – when are they harmful or dangerous?

Here’s an important point for you to note. No matter how high the quality of your infrared sauna is, it is not necessary that you shall receive a great benefit simply by using them. Using an infrared sauna could produce adverse results in some specific well-known situations. Pregnancy, fresh injury (the first 24-48 hours), adrenal suppression, multiple sclerosis and contraindictions to prescribed drugs being used are some of them. Go by what your doctor recommends in these situationns.


To reap all the infrared sauna benefits discussed above, it is important that you get a good quality infrared sauna. Buying an expensive sauna does not guarantee good quality. It is the underlying technology that you woudl want to look for in order to maximize your gains. It is only the right technology that can do the desirable penetration (1-1.5 inches) with the right intensity and the right wavelength (remember the graph earlier on this page?). That’s what you want. There are a number of pitfalls right from low-quality (and cheaper) ceramic saunas to the woods used to the sauna safety and certificates and so on. This free report (CWGLive report) will help you understand it all.

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