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They say, health is wealth. So if you have started for looking for an infrared sauna at your home, then congratulations. It is a great decision that you have arrived at. An infrared sauna – driven by the now-famous far infrared technology – is a wonderful health asset to have. And in fact, doctors these days have started recommending sessions using high quality infrared saunas officially in their prescriptions. In fact, in case you didn’t realize, this CWGLive page helps you understand how to officially cover your infrared sauna expenses using health insurance and IRS.

So time now to back up your wonderful decision to have your own far infrared sauna by identifying a high-quality make and model that is ideal for you at a good price. On this page, we shall take you through an introduction on infrared saunas. This will help you if you are a first-time buyer of an infrared sauna, or in case you have already made the mistake in your first-time buy and don’t want to repeat the mistakes. In this CWGLive report, the 9 biggest mistakes made by first-time infrared sauna buyers are detailed, as well as the actual health benefits. The cost calculations on whether buying an infrared sauna is at all suitable for you is also included in the report. A lot more on the benefits has been discussed here: sauna benefits.

Now let us introduce you in more details with an infrared sauna, what the different types of saunas are, what makes them different from (and better than) traditional saunas, what technologies to avoid, what technology to choose and finally what our recommended infrared sauna option is.

What is an infrared sauna?

An infrared sauna is a closed “mini-room”, normally with wooden walls and infrared ray equipments, that help your body receive infrared rays from all directions. The better the innfrared saunas are, the better will be the ray radiation angles and architecture to help your body receive the maximum possible portionn of the energy rays generated.

The aim of the infrared rays is to generate the maximum possible heat in the lowest temperature around. A high-quality infrared sauna will make you sweat significantly at around 120-130 degrees fahrehnheit. the infrared rays are absorbed by the body deeply – the rays penetrate deep inside the skin into the muscle tissues. As an impact, the skin is deep-cleansed. The internal muscles and bone joints also receive the high wavelength low frequency heat that is welcome to the body in a number of situations such as joint pains and stiff muscles.

What are the different types of saunas? Why choose infrared rather than a traditional steam sauna?

There are two major kinds of saunas. One of them is the traditional steam based sauna. And the other one is the modern technology driven infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are also popularly known as far infrared saunas because of the far infrared technology that drives the best quality infrared saunas. In fact, till the modern infrared technology was tested and embedded into the saunas, steam saunas were the only options. And the steam saunas have been there since ages. In fact, the existence of such steam saunas can be traced back till the ancient Roman times.

Can you imagine the great Roman Emperor Julius Ceaser using Steam Saunas?

Hard as it might be, in all likelihood, including historical evidences, it was a reality. If you remember your school-day history lessons, you would appreciate that we are talking about a civilization that started off 8th century BC – that is almost 2,900 years back.

And modern infrared saunas are barely more than a decade old. That is, more than 10 years, for all practical purposes. Do you see how etablished the traditional steam saunas were and still are?

But then, why not settle for a steam sauna? Why go for an infrared one?

That is because, times have moved. Just like you are reading this page on your browser thanks to the great benefits of modern technology, you can just similarly enjoy the great benefits of the sauna by a much greater extent by taking the infrared route. Honestly, absolutely nothing is wrong with a steam sauna. Just that, they are less efffective, less comfortable, produce less heat at the same temperature and produce skin penetration that is less deep as compared to their modern infrared counterpart.

Also, being frequency-rated, infrared saunas are really good at other health-situations. Fybromyalgia, arthritis and Lyme disease are some of the many situations in which far infrared saunas produce recommendable results. It is not surprising at all that doctors today have started making infrared saunas official in their treatment methods in many health conditions, given the well-tested benefits. And some of the health-benefits are clear from this graph.

 infrared sauna heat chart

Also, far infrared saunas – the popular form of infrared saunas that 99% people use – are easy to keep at a corner inside a room at your home, and keep using without wasting too much space. That’s why these saunas are often fondly called “corner sauna” by many owners.

What are the potentially harmful sauna technologies?

Now comes one of the most critical parts of your exercise to research infrared saunas – not all technologies are great in terms of saunas. The heating element along with the ray generated determine the quality of a sauna. While the CWGLive report referred to discussed all the possibilities (here’s the link to the report page once again), the major confusion seen among the first time buyers often happens to be between ceramic saunas and carbon-based ones. Again, there are two major classes of carbon-based saunas and the report details out which one to use among the two.

What should make you choose one over the other?

Let’s talk about a ceramic sauna first. Ceramic saunas generate heat using ceramic rods. And more often than not, the ceramic rods are not strategically placed. Plus, the ceramic technology is capable of generating relatively less sweat at the same temperature. Inappropriate placements of the reflectors (which is extremely common because it is not easy at all to perfectly place the rods) would lead to uneven heat distribution and non-uniform eposure of your body to the infrared rays. The result will be that you will develop some “hot spots” (and likely to develop some redness also) on your body – these are nothing but skin burn spots. So in spite of being way cheaper than good carbon-based saunas, you would want to avoid ceramic infrared saunas. In our view, it is better not to buy an infrared sauna at all if you cannot afford carbon. We recommend you not to be tempted by the price – the cheap prive tag could come at the cost of your health. Pay nothing rather than paying something (the cheap price) and then paying with your health.

So in the next section we discuss how to identify the right kind of carbon based far infrared sauna.

What among carbon is the recommendable far infrared sauna technology?

Carbon is an “umbrella” – there exists more than one type of carbon based infrared saunas. Just by being carbon the infrared sauna does not necessarily become great although it is probably going to be better than the ceramic ones by all means. However, what you want to own is an organic carbon fibre panel sauna. And you would not want to go for a carbon fibre sprayed panel or a fibreglass based carbon sauna. They are lower in quality – in some sense they are the poor cousins of the organic carbon panel based saunas.

The best quality carbon saunas will be spreaded all over the sauna walls such that all your body angles will receive the infrared heat of the desirable wavelength in a uniform way. In fact, there may be some great-looking saunas that you may want to avoid simply because of possibly excess glass and improper frontal infrared ray focus, leading to less-than-desired density of the infrared rays at some corner or central zones within the sauna (depending upon its architecture). The glass-front home saunas may look good at the corner of your bathroom, but those simply won’t cater the whole range of desirable benefits. So avoid those by all means.

You want your infrared sauna surround your with the rays emerging from the fiber rich carbon panels for the best of results.

Carbon 360 is our recommended technology for this. The manufacturer we recommend at the bottom of this page are the ones that produce what we believe to be the best among the carbon saunas.

Health benefits of infrared saunas

As already mentioned, a high-quality infrared sauna (such as a Carbon 360 sauna) is great for the human health. Far infrared has been clinically tested and proven, and today a number of doctors recommend far infrared saunas. The health benefits are significant. The whole range of benefits including the root causes of each of these benefits are covered on our sauna benefits page, but let’s outline some of the major benefits here for a quick reference.

  • Skin: Deep cleansing of the skin, leading to detoxification.
  • Blood: Purification of blood because of lesser toxic substances in the body.
  • Heart: This beats better because the improved blood can supply oxygen better to the rest of the body.
  • Blood pressure: This is controlled because of the pureness of blood and better heart-beat control.
  • Muscle tissues: The infrared sauna penetrates till these levels with the rays and provides the muscles with the much-needed heat, helping them relax, improve metabolism and detoxify better.
  • Kidney: Better detoxifiation helps take away a lot of load from the kidneys, helping them function under reduced work-stress.
  • Joints: The infrared heat helps the joints reduce pain. This provides warmth in a manner better compared to the usual hot bags, and provide the desirable dry heat.
  • Injuries: Using far infrared saunas past 48 hours of injuries have proved to heal injuries faster and easier.

There are conditions such as pregnancy, times immediately after an accident or injury and some prescription drugs (not all drugs, just some) that do not go well with using saunas. Check with your health care provider (doctor) if any of these apply to you.

One more important point to note is that there are two primary kinds of infrared rays depending upon the wavelength (frequency) – the near infrared and the far infrared. While some manufacturers do sell near infrared saunas, but the whole set of benefits of infrared are realized by using far infrared rays. So always choose a far infrared sauna ahead of a near infrared one. Unsurprisingly, 98% of the saunas that sell in the market are far infrared – but make sure that you don’t fall in the remaining 2% by accident or mistake. Please note that the sauna seller we recommend sells far infrared saunas.

Our recommendation

With the Internet at helm, there are times when we can’t help but feel that every Tom, Dick and Harry have started selling infrared saunas online. But after having read this, we hope you are way ahead of where you were at the time when you had started researching for your sauna. Do read up the CWGLive free report to get the complete picture, including financial factors (it may not even make sense for you to own a sauna in some cases) and an in-depth report on infrared saunas. On a single webpage or website, we can hope to touch only the surface, and that’s exactly what we have one. Reading the report will help you get the complete reference.

Here’s a CWGLive video giving you a more detailed picture although the complete setting is only available on the free report lined above.

We recommend this brand (click to visit their website) and their toll-free number is 1-800-264-8129. As you will find in the report, there are multiple essential certifications that an infrared sauna ought to have, and then there are the questions of the right technology (Carbon 360) with good quality, and you would want the warranties to be honored. These are some of the strict conditions that the brand we recommended meets, and hence we feel confident to recommend them as on today.

The link above to the brand is the factory outlet link. So essentially you will find resellers selling the same models, but this is the best price for you – plus the fact that when you go directly to the factory rather than middlemen the support becomes more direct.

Thanks for visiting We sincerely wish you lead a great life ahead.