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At KnockYourLife we focus on reviewing health and fitness products, and discovering healthy lifestyles. Health is like a mother - we never realize its value till we lose it.

As far as health products are concerned, there are many in the market catering to different requirements. True to the CWGLive policy, we talk about only those products that we believe to be good.

Let us add a clear disclaimer here. We don't claim to have reviewed everything in the world or in the niche that we would be putting up a review on. When we put up a review, it simply means that we believe in that, given our research. The research is mostly online and sometimes mystery-shopping based.

Also, in each and every case, we encourage the reader to use their own sense and intelligence. You, an individual, could have situations that apply only to you and need not apply to everyone in general. Also, for health-related products, we encourage you to make sure with your health care provider before you make any commitment even if we have recommended.

Having said that, let us introduce ourselves. The KnockYourLife team comprises of the CWGLive members including Sudeshna and Fred, all in the same role. We have seen CWGLive being liked by our readers and hence decided to launch KnockYourLife as a separate portal. And we are confident that you are going to enjoy this.

Here are some of our favorites.

Infrared Sauna

WBV - Whole Body Vibration

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